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R.I.P. Claudia Plikat, Herman Miller’s designer who just passed away

designer Claudia Plikat

designer Claudia Plikat

The one who writes did not personally know Claudia Plikat, but only the fruits of his labor, loving, effective and beneficial. I think that those who are believers, Jews, Muslims or Christians, believe that Claudia ‘s good deeds, accomplishe also through her office furniture designs, remain forever with her in God. For those who have other beliefs, like for everyone, we are sure that Claudia ‘s creative designs will continue to bring happiness to their lives.

Now I let Claudia speak , via an interview by Marion Godau on 10-31-2003, adapted from

 How would you explain your job  to someone else ?

We are currently working with 7.5 on a self -adjusting mechanism for the synchronous rotation Mirra chair ( Herman Miller) . The principle: You sit down and automatically ” weighed ” . The chair adapts then on to the individual. We are also working on extensions for the Mirra for the conference sector.

Which works or events which were particularly important for you?

Since designers are inherently equipped with a particularly high level of curiosity , I can not name a specific area here . I’m interested in the whole range of what is under the term design . Therefore, we also work with 7.5 on very different projects, our products range from interface design to the traditional product development . Our driving force behind all these projects is to solve problems and constantly learn new things, that is to expand our repertoire. We are in the way we work very influenced by Nick Roericht : We provide only the briefing for a question to determine where the client really “pushes his shoe” and we go from inside to outside in front of the technical inner workings of the figure, and we abstract the functionality. Then we ask ourselves: What will the world in 5 or 10 years from now? Is our design still consistent with changes in living and working environments?

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