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Benefits of having a glass executive desk

design glass desk Rialto

design glass desk Rialto

Whether it be a design desk or an executive-desk, we always have a wide selection of glass desks. Before deciding, it’s better to consider what are the advantages of this material compared to other materials, such as wood or plastic used for design or executive desks.

The glass desk, a statement furniture

Here’s small list of the main benefits of a glass desk :

  1. It sports a stylish, modern and sleek aesthetic
  2. You can choose tinted glasses in different colors
  3. It can be easily cleaned and sanitized
  4. The sun can not tarnish it
  5. Aside from scratches, it fears nothing, unlike a wood and plastic
  6. It’s not porous, is much more hygienic than wood since it cannot shelter bacteria on its surface if cleaned regularly
  7. If your office is in a small room, a glass desk will make it seem much larger because is transparent and allows light to pass
  8. He does not suffer the heat. So, if you put  a cup of hot coffee on your glass executive desk, you will not damage it, as would be the case for a wooden desk
  9. The glass contains no chemicals with harmful exhalations, unlike plastic or wooden desks, especially when new
  10. The glass is fully recyclable.

The cons of a glass desk :

  1. It can be scratched
  2. It can be heavy to move

And you, would you fancy having a glass desk ?

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