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The November Weird Design Award, the hedgehog coat

I am pleased to introduce the Weird Design Award of the Month : each month, we assign a price to a comically weird design. It does not mention the designer, both because it’s not nice to criticize others for fun, and also since very often the designer himself knows he has designed his funny masterpiece for fun or to generously give others the opportunity to laugh a little.

Here is a picture of the winning November Weird Design Award, the hedgehog coat :

weird design: hedgehog coat

weird design: hedgehog coat

The purpose of this jacket design is to prevent other travelers to crush you when the subway is packed. The Weird Design Award is well deserved : just see the looks of other passengers, it says “weird” on their faces. It’s not an artificial pose in order to win the prestigious  Weird Design Award. A sweat stain on the armpit of the traveler on the right demonstrates that this is a spontaneous picture.

  1. weird: the poor girl looks like a hedgehog
  2. weird: if this trend spreads, travelers will remain entangled in each other when subways are full
  3. weird: we could not even exchange a hug with this girl without being painfully stung
  4. weird: if a person wearing an hedgehog coat bounces into another traveler because of the inevitably shaking subway, he may pierce him

It’s true, however, that this hedgehog coat would be effective to keep off the sex maniacs who take advantage of public transport to abusively touch girls …

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