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Modern office chairs: comfortable, ergonomic design – how to choose

Embody, modern office chair by Herman Miller

Embody, modern office chair by Herman Miller

Did you know that modern office chairs, are much more than chairs?

Before you make a choice, take the time to ask the right questions. What is the use ? What material and model is best suited ? What quality / price ratio to choose?


 The quality / price ratio implies also the quality and this depends on each concept : comfort, freedom of movement, strength, pleasure of spending long hours without fatigue, quality of work, productivity…

 Who says you cannot mix business and pleasure? Some solutions :

  •  What we need to think about before choosing modern office chairs?
  • What are your office chairs for ?
  • Condiderate that if your staff is sitting comfortably, they will provide a better job and be more productive.
  • Depending on the time spent sitting and the position you want to take to relax or work, there should be different choices.

Of course, there are plenty of modern office chairs for, but there are chairs with different settings that are suitable for different needs :

  1. Easy to manipulate joystick ;
  2. The possibilities of adjusting the height and backrest of the seat;
  3. A modern office chair that does not create discomfort after some time (heat, squeaks, tightness ) ;
  4. To combat back pain, it’s better with a slight inclination of the seat to the ground ;
  5. Prefer a material that doesn’t slip too easily ;
  6. Choose a modern office chair with five feet for safety, unless you opt for the traditional 4 feet;
  7. Wheels that do not scratch your beautiful floor unless you want it without wheels ;
  8. Aesthetics and design must adapt to your environment.
  9. It ‘s harder working being uncomfortable, then opt for the comfort of the seat.

Especially when we sit for a long time and regularly. A modern office chair represents the most important piece of furniture because you can safeguard your wellness capital. The choice from the start can spare you a lot of future damage, back pain, lack of motivation, less productivity…

The choice will also depend on your body type, if the chair is strong enough, it‘ll be able to take care of your back for many years.

The video of a modern office chair Embody by Herman Miller:

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