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A new acoustic comfort at the Pallottini Maria restaurant

The Pallottini Maria fish market and restaurant is a historical reality in San Benedetto del Tronto, and for 4 years, , is becoming a local reference point for the sale of fish, fish cuisine as well as event catering.

Mr. Fabrizio Prosperi and his wife Irene pointed out the acoustic problem due to a strong reverberation, which was perceived inside the restaurant from the beginning.
They explained to us, that during the banquets of ceremonies or when the restaurant is full, there was a central area of the room, in which it was not possible to stay or listen to anything.

On the basis of the information received, we made an accurate survey of the room, which is made up of medium-reflecting materials, with a square-plan architecture and with a height of over 3 meters, all combinations favorable to a high reverberation time.

After developing the calculation with the Caimi Brevetti spa software, we presented the solution to our customers, providing them with the design and calculation. Being their prerogative, not to change the aesthetics of the room, very accurate in every detail, with corners decorated with objects, wallpaper and paintings and frames that tell the story of the owner’s family, we proposed a solution with the distribution of 10 OVERSIZE panels with SNOWSOUND technology by CAIMI BREVETTI, distributed on the ceiling, with the foresight of suspending them by about 25 cm. In this way, the whole area of the room was covered by the panels and the aesthetic was not changed.

In addition to this, to reassure them on the performance of the product, we organized an acoustic test, during a dinner with 80 people. The panels, for the occasion, were distributed in support of the walls on the masonry parts available. The result of the test was positive, the reverberation inside the hall was reduced in a satisfactory way, so much that some regular customers of the restaurant noticed the difference.
We made the installation a couple of weeks ago, on the occasion of the Valentine’s dinner, creating with panels an acoustic atmosphere more suited to the situation.
Here are some photos taken in the restaurant.

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