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Furnishing the law firm: suggestions and details

Furnishing the office of a lawyer is an important task that requires some attention to detail. For this reason, the advice is to rely on experts such as those who work in “La Mercanti Desk Design team”, a company that offers the guarantee of the best brands and manufacturers around the world thanks to its lines with an elegant and refined style.

Suitable light and precautions
To help concentration and avoid tiring your eyesight it is recommended that the environment is illuminated not only by artificial light but also by a good part of natural light. It is also recommended to keep at least a distance of 50 cm from the PC screen and not place it in front of windows or white walls that could create a “reflection effect”.

Office desks and chairs
A key element for a notary office is the use of a desk suitable to hold the paperwork and stationery: you will need to have a space where you can welcome your customers, so you need a sophisticated and functional design such as the one suggested by the executive desk CX Frezza, a perfect combination of thick tops that create a play of vertical and horizontal lines.
Let’s move on to the purchase of office chairs. They should be comfortable, preferably ergonomic and adjustable in height. It is important that they have the function of tilting the seat downwards in order to avoid the typical incorrect back position. In addition to standard office chairs with backrests and office visitor chairs, you can opt for ergonomic stools with comfortable knee rests.

The archive
Essential for the furnishing of the law firm and the functionality of an office for lawyers is the archive that will contain all the amount of paper material and documents accumulated over time. The preference will be for a series of open shelves and binders that allow an orderly collection. If you do not have enough space or a room separated from the operating area, it is advisable that you choose an office cabinet with doors or sliding doors that do not make visible the content and help to keep a tidy space.

All that remains is putting all these elements together and create our new office, making it beautiful, elegant and functional.

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