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Working in a standing position or choosing the ideal office chair?

Since the beginning of history, man has lived in motion: his aim was to hunt, to escape from danger, to run. Today, in order to survive, man has sat down and comfort has led him to a highly sedentary and not very dynamic lifestyle, especially in the world of work.

Companies are increasingly looking for super ergonomic and design┬áchairs for their employees to increase their productivity. At the same time from the North comes the new trend of working in a standing position, a new vision of “healthy working”, with “up & down” desks whose top can be raised and lowered according to each person needs or with keypad and PC with adjustable height.

So what would be the ideal solution to work in the best way: eliminate the office chair or choose it according to your needs?

Standing up helps concentration, circulation and helps burning more calories. It also reduces distraction, but for those who work in the office from eight to ten hours it is unthinkable to do it standing up constantly. So “sit-stand” alternation of sitting and standing could be the ideal solution. Working standing for at least 10/15 minutes every hour reduces sedentary behaviour and the negative effects caused by inactivity.
Keeping a correct ergonomic posture is a rule to follow both when you work standing up and when you work sitting down.

For this reason it is also necessary to choose a good office chair, whether it is for an operative or executive desk. In the last few years, all the office chair manufacturers have made great progresses in terms of ergonomics – the main criterion for choosing an office chair. The most important features that a good office chair must have are:
– the possibility to adjust the height, inclination and depth of the seat, especially when working on different operating supports;
– good materials that guarantee flexibility, durability and stability;
– an anatomically shaped backrest that follows the line of the column and has a lumbar support;
– must guarantee correct posture and, above all, optimal support for the arms and back.

In conclusion, for those who work at the desk it is always recommended to stand up from time to time and try to work standing up for a while. The right impetus for change increases innovation and with it also the business.

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