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The chair and the space that perfectly suite your needs

It’s easy to say that the greater the level of comfort that a worker enjoys, regardless of their position, the harder they are likely to work. There are times when smart working becomes a necessity for companies, like in this delicate period of COVID-19 emergency facing us all: the right ergonomic office chair became an issue in that case too.

One of the central issues for anyone in a modern office, especially in recent years, is office chair comfort, by which we mean both the physical workplace – which has to be as comfortable as possible – and the environment in terms of health.

Spending many hours working in one position inevitably has implications linked to the proper handling of fatigue, especially when it comes to dealing with stress on the spine.

Preventing overloading or avoiding incorrect posture, therefore, should be an absolute priority to avoid injury.

If you are lucky enough to have a comfort home office, you probably use a design office chair and the right kind of executive desk for your needs. It isn’t always possible though. You often find yourself working in unsuitable places like on the sofa, in an armchair, at the kitchen table or even in bed.

To avoid back and joint pain, try and find the correct work position. Adapt your seating, maybe with the help of some firm cushions, and keep your upper body as straight as you can. Alternate periods of working standing up and sitting down to improve circulation and avoid straining your back too much.

A green office too, full of plants, wood, natural light and windows looking out over the outside world is a current office design trend. The bond between nature and a healthy workplace has now been certified by a growing number of studies, to the extent that North European companies are now adopting the habit of calling walk-and-talk meetings in the open air on sunny days or in an urban green space.

Try to stay in contact with colleagues during working hours and also friends and family for the rest of the day. It will improve your mood too!

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