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Productive well-being at home as well as in the office

Many people, due to the current situation, keep on working from home and they have had to “equip” part of their home office with Italian office furniture and Italian office chairs.

However, not everyone has thought about the importance of using an ergonomic chair at home, as well as in the office, suitable for spending a large part of the day. In fact, remote working requires the same office hours, but anyone who has experienced the remote working could attest to having worked many more hours at home. Often taken of the activities that need to be done you don’t notice the passage of time, you sit down at 9 am, look up and it’s already 6 pm!

So it’s very easy to incur the well-known negative effects of poor posture due to non-ergonomic sitting (neck, back and joint pain). It is essential to give importance to the choice of an office chair that suits your work needs, in order to enjoy a correct posture. Ergonomics, in fact, is nothing more than adapting the environment to human needs. It is not the person who has to sacrifice himself to the environment in which he works but, on the contrary, it is the environment that has to be shaped for the person so as to get the so-called “productive well-being“.

It is necessary to pay attention to a seat that allows a dynamic position even when seated, although it is necessary to stand up from time to time and maybe work a little time standing even if you do not have a height adjustable desk: to make a phone call or to read some documents. When you are seated, the spine must rest on the backrest in a total way and the height of the chair must be adjusted according to the height of the desk we use: the arms must maintain an angle of 90°, therefore adjustable armrests are necessary, as well as legs and feet must be well resting on the ground to allow a correct blood circulation.
Of course, materials are also another crucial aspect to take into account, they must be quality and comfortable materials.

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