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The ideal office space

The buildings are designed to work, meet, experience… Indeed, they are places where we spend most of our everyday life. It is exactly within the offices that contact between people takes place, but in a moment like this where the word “contact” has a negative sense, it becomes necessary to provide adequate, bright and spacious working spaces in which to place ergonomic office, functional and design furnishings.

Working conditions and sustainable work are one of the main planning activities of the program for the period 2021-2024.
Internationally renowned designers are now experiencing a work culture based on wellness by creating large and well-divided spaces where they can create working relationships in respect for the others.
Great Place to Work®, the international consulting and research institute on workplace culture, has conducted a research recently on building a high-trust and healthy culture. This institute collects data from many European organizations to discover the main issues on well-being at work and the essentials to create an ideal work environment, which allows all employees to feel good. There is an evident connection between the quality of the working environment and the business growth of companies.

Working in an environment where there is respect and trust between people activate good processes that lead to a natural increase in motivation, participation and pride in being part of the company.
The results reveal that 47 percent consider stress a central problem within the company, while 65 percent of the managers say that health and well-being have emerged as a strategic priority.
An authentic culture based on well-being and respect needs to be created and preserved over time in order to make it a real philosophy of work. It is a way of acting that allows the company to grow from all points of view.

We hope we will be able to get back to our offices as soon as possible, but certainly with a different organization, with renewed methods and processes. In this particular circumstance, the attention to the wellness of people, employees and collaborators is a fundamental note.
Technology will also change: increasingly intelligent spaces will be needed in both executive and operational offices, where devices and software will allow new forms of interaction and space management. The office will become a more shared, “timed” and hybrid place between reality and virtuality.

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