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A new trend: the “Green” office

There are many new trends affecting the office. Certainly one of the most important is to ensure greater safety in the workplace through the use of intelligent, healthy and easy to maintain materials.

In all the environments like executive offices, operative offices and waiting areas, it is essential to ensure good air quality through purifiers, air conditioning systems and also through the use of antimicrobial materials, such as copper. For better air circulation, air conditioning and ventilation systems need to be constantly cleaned and improved so as to promote a healthy environment for those who work there. Of course, you can also improve the air you breathe through small natural measures.

One trend that is spreading is that of the “Green” office. Designers, in fact, are bringing nature into workplaces to make them sustainable and to prioritize the well-being of workers who spend most of their day at their desk in the office.

The use of plants within work environments, for example, definitely helps improve air quality, but also the mood and health of employees. Nature does not only mean using the green plants, but also emphasizing natural light, outdoor views and landscape views visible from the windows; all of which helps people working in the office to have a positive approach.
So there are plenty of expedients that can be implemented to make workstations more comfortable and welcoming. There are architects such as Selgas Cano, who have designed and built offices completely surrounded by the woods, where nature becomes part of the daily work routine.

The concrete advantages of “green” workstations are certainly: increased productivity, increased concentration and lower stress levels. Not least the physical well-being, being able to turn away the gaze from the computer screen and direct it outwards, allows the eyes to adjust the focus, thus lowering the level of fatigue and eyestrain.
Where it is not possible to have a natural view through the window, then ideal would be the use of specific plants, placed in strategic places and naturally matched to the style of your office. They must be decorative plants that adapt well to environments with little light, that do not require frequent watering, such as succulents, and that make the air more healthy.

Bamboo, for example, needs space in height and light, is a plant that furnishes, is ideal for creating natural room dividers, induces a state of relaxation and, last but not least, helps to neutralize formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene present in the air. Other plants, on the other hand, have a strong ability to adapt to small, dimly lit spaces and require little water.
Therefore, depending on the needs and style of your office, where wood or glass furniture can be used, it is necessary to arrange the right plants to create harmony, elegance and well-being in the working space you have.

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