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Functional and minimalist executive furniture for Capri Holdings’ office in Montreal

Capri Holdings, a very important global fashion luxury group including iconic brands, leaders in design, style and craftsmanship, chose the Fortyfive Ninety collection by IFT – Ideal Form Team for their executive office in Montreal, Canada. Our sales team worked in perfect sync with both Capri Holdings teams in New York and Montreal to coordinate the choice of the best office furniture solution and finishes, to arrange shipping and delivery.

The characteristic design of the Fortyfive Ninety executive modern office desk brings out the simplicity of angular shapes and straight lines. This system, composed of desks, meeting tables and storage units, is the suitable option for contemporary executive and management offices with dynamic environments. Functional and minimalist details ensure stability and large legroom, indeed it is an executive collection designed to make it easier for people to work.

The Fortyfive Ninety desk they selected is a rectangular executive desk with matte white lacquered wooden top 15 mm thick, sealed with anti-yellowing water-based varnish. The legs, the frames and the beams that make up the structure are made of aluminium in bright white finish. All the elements used for the wire management are made of varnished aluminum (top access, cable trays and carter).

As for the storage space, they chose a modular low cabinet composed of three doors in matte white lacquered finish with a structure in London Grey Walnut and aluminium brill details.
Forty-five and ninety represents two sizes, two angles, two directions cutting through space which, thanks to the designer’s creativity, result in a wide range of solutions capable of accommodating even the most complex requirements. Clear candour of essential lines, the merger of technique and art in a powerful solution consisting of pure volumes and tiny details. Small geometrical alchemies. The unique ability of stirring emotions through the evident simplicity of forms.

This collection was designed by Roberto Garbugli who works for companies specialized in the furniture sector, developing solutions for the most important Italian companies. In his view designing is not fulfilling a commission but interpreting it, working at it with personality to give meaning to an object which will have its own life, versatility of context and a long, useful career. And here Roberto Garbugli is a master of this art, offering guidance, blending power and sensitivity.

Fortyfive Ninety represents the meeting point between innovation and quality: all the elements are the perfect combination to express elegance and linearity.

The desktops are proposed in a lot of variants and colours: veneer wood, lacquered, glossy and matte glass finishes, ceramic in marble finishes and leather that can be combined with three different metal options (brill, matte black or matte white).
It is an essential and dynamic collection which creates a game of perfect aesthetic balance. Basic elements and metal edges for clean-cut shapes and contemporary style.

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