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Italian office furniture, colors and materials: the trends of 2023

For the Italian office furniture, 2023 is marked by a few key words: essentiality, order, elegance, innovation and comfort. Design calls for clean spaces, harmony and balance.
Environments are designed to give a sense of freedom, comfort and creativity, with more airy and multifunctional spaces, and furniture, such as sofas, desks and bookcases, have soft and curvy shapes.

In the working areas, the Scandinavian style, which perfectly meets the need for comfort and functionality required, is a strong trend. This style is looking for furniture with clean lines in geometries, essential and allowing collaboration between working areas.
Fundamental is the division of the open office spaces. Entering an office, in fact, it is necessary to immediately understand which areas are dedicated to socializing and relaxation versus those suitable for individual work.
This inclusive design also places great importance on light, which should be as natural or equated with it as possible.

So the “minimal” style is the quintessential furniture trend of 2023. It is a rigorous style without superfluous decoration, which prefers practical, sober and transversal furniture of refined design, arranged in a clear order, to leave freedom of movement and give ample scope to the context. The motto “less is more” triumphs in office spaces as well as home spaces.

Colors, too, make room for freshness and dynamism to create positive environments full of vitality. Popular colors include blues and greens, which are inspired by nature, or earth-toned shades to create a more sophisticated and unusual style. Warm colors and cool colors thus create plays of tone that never tire. Sharp and contrasting neutral shades, in gradations that allow to increase the brightness of the rooms, highlighting the furnishings.

As for materials, those most in vogue this year are marble, metal and glass, which provide brightness and, above all, timeless elegance.

Of course, the quality and sustainability of materials continues to be of utmost importance in the furniture of 2023. Recycled and vintage materials are widely used, and the principle of the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is followed, especially in the production methods of furniture, which should be sustainable, ethical and certified.

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