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The Italian elegance and excellence of Mascheroni in the largest and most luxurious villa in Great Britain

Made in Italy” is certainly the triumphant feature of the imposing and luxurious villa Updown Court, built in Great Britain, located in the village of Windlesham in Surrey, England.

With one hundred and five rooms, it is larger than Buckingham Palace; it is surrounded by 230,000 square meters of gardens and woods, five swimming pools, a squash court, an illuminated tennis court and a big cellar. Inside there are one hundred and three rooms, including twenty-four bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom, eight generous suites and an attic floor that contains two separate apartments. There are also: a sauna, a gym, an indoor soccer field and an outdoor equestrian courtyard with stables.

Updown Court is truly the triumph of Italianness. Over thirty different types of imported Italian marble were used for its construction: «We did everything ourselves: from the foundations to the roof» proudly proclaims Egidio Palumbo, a building contractor from Latina who has lived and worked in London since 1996 and who has taken care of the construction site. Even the owner, Leslie Allen-Vercoe confirms: «Everything here comes from Italy: for two years we have received two or three trucks full of material a week».

The works began in 1998. At first there were twenty-four Italian workers who gradually became about sixty; there were: carpenters, iron workers and marble workers. During the work on the site, a canteen was also set up in the park, of course … with an Italian cook!

In the temple of Italian spirit, the handcrafted and luxurious furniture of the Mascheroni brand could not be missing, a brand known throughout the world for the high quality of its upholstered furniture. Mascheroni participated by furnishing the home theater with about fifty cinema seats Hollywood and offices with conference tables and conference armchairs.

The Hollywood armchair, whose name refers to the Los Angeles temple of cinema district, is a versatile, functional and very elegant seat despite being simple and linear. Upholstered in superior quality leather, it has a mechanism that allows you to obtain the desired position through a button that allows you to recline the backrest and at the same time raise the footboard. The structure is in solid wood and metal and the padding is in non-deformable rubber. Each armchair, completely handcrafted, is marked with an engraved plate “Mascheroni srl made in Italy” which certifies its authenticity, since it is still one of the few brands that directly directs and controls the entire production cycle, ensuring absolute quality in every phase, from the selection of raw materials, to production, up to customized services.

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