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Marco Olivieri’s interview:

Welcome back from summer holidays!
I’m pleased to present our managing director dr. Marco Olivieri last interview on

A video presentation on company mission and how to buy italian office furniture at affordable prices.

The key to La Mercanti’s success is the company’s ability to give shape to always new syntheses of aesthetic refinement, technological innovation and passion for details: distinctively Italian values, to furnish today’s and tomorrow’s world.

La Mercanti partners

Do you know these strange men? No?!
But they’re the two partners of La Mercanti…it’impossible? Oh, I assure you that is true, they are Marco Olivieri and Andrea Bollettini…you can also call them OFFICE and LOGISTICS ­čśë

andrea e marco LM

On the left you can see Andrea Bollettini big face, he is the wonder-worker of ware-house. If you needed to  increase the efficiency of your ware-house with mezzanines, cantilever, storage metal shelving, automatic storage system Andrea can surely help you.

On the right Marco Olivieri big face. Would you know his magic words? Office design, ergonomy, wellness at work…to put it simply all the best things on the market to furnish your office place: divider partitions, chairs, desks, meeting rooms and receptions.
Would you know more? Let’s go, come with us to visit our web site.

Marco and Andrea, two very different people: one is calm and quiet, the other is always in a hurry but together they create a really fine team that always wins.