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Good design is a synthesis of technique, cost, material, function, use, taste and sustainability. That concentration of meanings, associations and possibilities must reside in simple, singular forms. La Mercanti believes the best objects carry a rich, intellectual density in a shape that seems natural and effortless.

You can find the best of the Italian office chairs online at the virtual office boutique of design & ergonomy, an emotional and design shopping experience, a quality source offering rare and innovative office chairs and furniture that are difficult to find in traditional shops. On, we offer for sale luxury and top-quality products purchased by La Mercanti directly from leader manufacturers, carefully selected for their stringent quality control.

An object that feels spontaneous while clearly the result of rigor and precision. Offering online new forms that are physically and stylistically resilient is hard work, but this is the work we embrace.

About Marco Olivieri

Founder & CeO of La Mercanti Italian Furniture. Marketing and Sales specialist of La Mercanti, emphasis on strategy deployment and implementation, innovation and business excellence. “I think to myself as an innovative thinker, an avid learner and I like to bring new ideas forward to drive my staff initiatives”.


  1. Philipp says:

    Dear Simona
    Yes, thanks, the chair is great. Your service was too!

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