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Unique design furniture at the ADI Design Museum

Milan, which at the beginning of September will reopen its doors to the Salone del Mobile, celebrates Italian design in the round with the ADI Design Museum, inaugurated on May 26, 2021. Located in a former industrial area with a very high … [Read more]

Sound absorbing and soundproofing: two concepts not to be confused

Sometimes we tend to confuse soundproofing with sound absorbing, but actually, they are definitely different concepts from all points of view. With soundproofing we mean all the operations necessary to prevent a sound from crossing a barrier, … [Read more]

Luxury furniture in high quality leather and solid wood

Luxury furniture that satisfies a demanding clientele and lover of refined taste, excellent quality, attention to detail and reliability, our Mascheroni products are the synthesis of this and furnish executive offices of wealthy men, international … [Read more]

A new trend: the “Green” office

There are many new trends affecting the office. Certainly one of the most important is to ensure greater safety in the workplace through the use of intelligent, healthy and easy to maintain materials. In all the environments like executive … [Read more]

La Mercanti proposes a modern design for Metallix Refining head office

Maria Piastre, President of Metallix Refining, choose Jera modern executive office furniture from Las Mobili for her office located in New Jersey. Metallix Refining has been the leader and innovator in the precious metals recycling industry for … [Read more]

The ideal office space

The buildings are designed to work, meet, experience... Indeed, they are places where we spend most of our everyday life. It is exactly within the offices that contact between people takes place, but in a moment like this where the word "contact" has … [Read more]

Fine Italian kitchens and furnishings

La Mercanti┬árange of fine Italian kitchens and furnishings and services extends to our clients an unparalleled convenience and level of attention at every stage of the project. The Italian companies we collaborate with are leaders and influencers in … [Read more]

La Mercanti Italian office furniture – Beverly Hills

We worked with Adeet Madan Interior Design on a large office project at M.K. Diamonds & Jewelry which is a highly regarded jewelry manufacturer based in Beverly Hills, California: executive desks and modern desks made in Italy. Adeet specializes … [Read more]