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Laura at

Now to the home page of web showroom for Italian Office Furniture you can find Laura's video presentation "welcome on" See also our funny backstage :D … [Read more]

Ola wins the Good Design Awards 2009

Ola by Martex, is a modern, prestigious and elegant desk design that furnishes the office space as the home space in a personal and original way. In April 2009, in Prague, there was the sixth edition of International Fair PRAGOINTERIER, which was … [Read more]

Seating system with study bench Turner by Lamm

Anyone who has been a student at the university can understand how annoying can be listen to a lesson and get out continually of their seat gathering up their materials to permit to pass someone who wants to sit in the middle of row! To solve this … [Read more]

Happy Christmas 2009

(...) This, dear friends, is what true joy consists in: it is feeling that our personal and community existence has been visited and filled by a great mystery, the mystery of God's love. In order to rejoice we do not need things alone, but love and … [Read more]

Prompt delivery Italian office furniture

Prompt delivery all over the world for several brands of Italian office furniture. For office furniture usually the shipping is the day after the order confirmation, instead for some office chairs the shipping is the week later. If you want … [Read more]

Smoov: the automatic warehouse for everyone

In October there was the presentation of SMOOV ASRV in Milan. There were experts, professors and entrepreneurs who wanted to combine their knowledge about business logistics and their professionalism. There was also La Mercanti: Andrea … [Read more]

The power of internet

La Mercanti is growing up day to day thanks to its innovation. It is using the power of the internet to expand the traditional Made in Italy office furniture business throught the World Wide Web. Now, you can find La Mercanti also on PRWeb where … [Read more]

Good lighting is essential

In your office as in any space where you live, good lighting is essential. Ideally you want as much natural daylight as possible. If your space has a window, it will enhance the lighting. Daylight is the most evenly balanced source of white light … [Read more]